Planning & Zoning

Bayfield County has adopted a zoning code that is implemented by the Planning and Zoning Department for the purpose of:
  • Promoting and protecting the public health, safety, convenience, and welfare
  • To further the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions
  • To prevent and control water pollution
  • To protect spawning grounds, fish, and aquatic life
  • To control building sites, placement of structures, and land uses
  • To prevent overcrowding of any natural resource such as a lake, river, or stream
  • To preserve shore cover and natural beauty
  • To promote the better uses of scenic resources

Information Disclaimer
All information contained in the Bayfield County Planning and Zoning pages is provided to inform property owners of minimum requirements and the information is subject to change. Contact the Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Office prior to building and/or developing any property for permits and the most current information.

Flood Map
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has released updated floodplain maps for Bayfield County. On January 6, letters were sent out to potential home owners that may or may not be affected.  It should be noted that your lender makes the final determination of your flood hazard location and not Bayfield County.