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Voting In Wisconsin:  The Basics in 2014

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Registering To Vote

Voter registration in Bayfield County is required. Please contact the clerk of the municipality you reside in for information about how to register. If you have resided in that municipality for at least 28 days and are registered, you may vote. An elector who has not previously registered can register and vote on Election Day.

Election-Related Deadlines & Dates
 Election Information Deadline / Dates Time
Earliest date to file nomination papers for the Spring Primary December 1   
Last day for towns and villages that have a caucus to establish a caucus December 1   
The last regular meeting in December in even numbered years - the town chairman, village president or city mayor shall submit to the government body the names of the election officials. If no regular meeting is schedule, a special meeting shall be held.  December 31   
Deadline for candidates running for office in the Spring Election to file nomination papers  First Friday in January  5 p.m
Deadline for cities to decide to hold a Spring Primary, if necessary, or to file a petition for a Primary  Three days after the first Tuesday in January  
Earliest day for town or village caucus First Tuesday in January  
Declining nomination Five days after the caucus   
Latest date for the town or village caucus to be held Last Tuesday in January   
Deadline for voter registration. If by mail, it  must be postmarked by the deadline time and date. Second Wednesday before the election  5 p.m.
Day of Spring Primary Third Tuesday in February   
Deadline for demanding a recount Three days after the canvass votes  5 p.m. 
Spring Election  First Tuesday in April  
Earliest day nomination papers for the August primary may be circulated (even number years), (includes independents).  April 15   
Deadline for filing nomination papers (includes independents) June 1 5 p.m. 
Fall Primary Second Tuesday in August   
General Election Tuesday after the first Monday in November   

We have an Accessibility section which includes a video we specifically created to walk an elector through the voting process on the Automark:


“Voting Demonstration - AutoMARK®”


It can also be viewed here:


I also found this: ES&S has working video explaining “How to vote on the M100


Registering to Vote

Including the Wisconsin G.A.B. website and a link to the Voter Registration form might be helpful for your constituents.  http://gab.wi.gov/forms/voters


MyVote Wisconsin

For a more comprehensive Wisconsin Elections page you may want to include the MyVote website.

MyVote website address: https://MyVote.WI.gov.

This website is designed for Wisconsin voters, both registered and non-registered.  MyVote provides Wisconsin voters with registration, sample ballot, municipal clerk and polling place information. In addition, there is a section for military and permanent overseas voters to request an absentee ballot and access their absentee ballot online. The new online absentee ballot request and online absentee ballot access features work with the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) and notify clerks when voters register or request an absentee ballot.