About Us

Overview of Services
The Land Records Department works with many internal departments as well as external customers. 

Some common services offered by Land Records:
  • Plat Book creation and distribution
  • Custom map creation
  • Large and small scale printing of maps
  • Creating and selling plat books
  • Parcel mapping and updating
  • Special event maps
  • Database preparation of land records data
  • Creating mailing labels from land and tax records data
  • Certified Survey Map (CSM) review
  • Access to surveys, plats, and tie sheets
  • Land records data distribution

Our fee schedule lists prices of different products and services.

Mission Statement
The Land Records Department will provide effective geospatial information and resources to Bayfield County and stakeholders to benefit and serve the public, the environment, and the economy.

Land Records Strategic Plan
The Bayfield County Land Records Strategic Plan is a document that contains information on our department's priorities, goals, objectives, and activities.

Land Records Modernization Plan
The Bayfield County Land Records Modernization Plan is a document outlining our department's five year plan to continue to develop, maintain, and grow a Geographic Information System (GIS) that will provide ready access to a wide array of spatially-referenced digital datasets.

For contact information and a list of staff, please visit the Land Records Staff Directory. Our office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Privacy Policy
This web site is administered by Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Bayfield County is subject to a variety of state statutes.

Section 895.50(2)(c). Wisconsin Statutes, provides in part that "it is not an invasion of privacy to communicate any information available to the public as a matter of public record." All of the information available on this web site is a matter of public record. The data available on this web site is also available by visiting various departments at the Bayfield County Courthouse.

Terms of Service
Learn about our Terms of Service and Disclaimer.

We can make many different kinds of maps and print a wide variety of sizes. Above is an example of an aerial photo printed with parcel lines and 10 foot contours. Click the fee schedule above to view our prices and common sizes.